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Hanging your bananas

by Carla Maree Vella on 13/09/2010

Bananas are in their element when they hang. In fact this is how they grow on trees.

Often because of international transportation, bananas are cut before they are ripe (green bananas), so that by the time they get to their destination they are yellow and ripe.

However one thing that I notice is that when I buy bananas they go bad pretty quickly, this is because I had not been hanging my bananas. Firstly bananas should never be stored in the fridge, in fact if you have ever noticed that in a fruit salad that has been refrigerated its the banana that darkens and goes bad the quickest.

So why hang your bananas?
Well basically the ripening process of banana means that gases are being emitted from the skin. now when they are hanging these ‘float away’, but when they are placed in a fruit basket the gases get caught often making the bananas ripen quicker and go black quicker.

Healthy Notes:

  • Banana’s are rich in vitamin B6, vitamin C, and potassium.
  • They are said to help jet lag and tired muscles

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