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Barefoot Running Training

by Carla Maree Vella on 20/03/2012

If you frequent this blog, you would know that I recently got into barefoot/minimalist shoe running. Two weeks ago I purchased my first pair of VIVOBAREFOOT evoII trainers, and over the past two week I have been slowing working into them. I just wanted to share a couple of personal experience as well as tips and resources I have found here and there that are helping me on my barefoot running journey.

  1. Firstly this site, published by with funding from Harvard and Vibram, offers some really interesting info about running Barefoot, forefoot Striking & training tips. This site covers it simply, shows form in videos as well as provide some tips for people who are starting out.
  2. Secondly, runner’s world magazine UK had a feature about barefoot running in April, but their site also covers the topic of barefoot running as well several articles on the debate about minimalist running.
  3. Runners world magazine also have a section in their forum dedicated to barefoot running. Definitely worth taking a look at.
  4. Running university has a great how to guide on his site. Jason really covers all the points you will need to get going.

As for me, apart from reading into these resources I’ve mentioned above, I’ve been practising a few simple moves that I picked up from the runners world article on Barefoot Running: Perfect Form and Key exercises. So far I can say I have become super conscious of my form. I wear my shoes even when I am not running (it doesn’t really feel like anything is on my feet they are really comfy). I’ve done a couple of runs in them now, not too far and my calve muscle really feels tight afterwards so I’m doing a few calve muscle stretches as well. Check out the exercise I am doing below:

Barefoot walking

Image from RunnersWorld Magazine

Barefoot squatting

Image from RunnersWorld Magazine

Barefoot jumping

Image from RunnersWorld Magazine

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